The fact is that all instruments, Student and Professional, all brands and makes, lacquered and plated are made and finished off to variable standards of quality, and at any given time are all in a different state of function and repair. Therefore all instruments generally need an individualised care and repair plan.

WINDTECH service and repair pricing is generally determined by the amount of time spent working on your instrument.
Therefore your instrument service/repair is individually customized for you and your instrument’s requirements.   A much fairer option for all!

You may only want a few particular problems fixed on your instrument.

Why pay for more?

Or there again, you also have the option to choose a specialised custom service, repair, overhaul or modification done to the highest standard.

It’s your call.    I’ll advise you, but you tell me how much work you want done.

Bill-out rate is @ $80.00/hour, plus parts. The pricing tables below are flexible, and are only to be used as a guide.
Please give me a call to discuss your service/repair requirements in person.

We strive for excellence, so that our superior service is reflected in your next performance!